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Seven story

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Paintball is a passion that I’ve lived intensely every day for 20 years!
Already two decades of incredible adventures, tournaments and exceptional encounters all over the world that have brought me so much…
Time flies but the flame remains intact!
Our sport builds us, we chain challenges, we grow with it…
So when the time for retraining is slowly looming, we want to accompany, transmit, continue to move forward, even off the field…
Bringing my stone to the building was obvious to me:
I am happy and proud to introduce you to SEVEN!

Palmarès TONTONS

Fabrice COLOMBO #01   (2004-2022)

216 Tournaments
122 Podiums
73 First places
21 Second places
28 Third places
3 x World Champion
10 x European Champion
8 x French Champion
Intercontinental Champion
Vice Champion Malaysia


Over the years, I have gone through the different stages of the evolution of our sport, from the Paintball of my childhood to that of today.
I had the chance to grow alongside Frank Mouren and the passion and hard work took me to the highest level of competition.
I also worked 5 years for the largest ball manufacturer in the world. During this period, I enriched my experience in the manufacture and marketing of balls, one of the driving forces of our sport.
A quality ball is a major asset for a competitor but a top-of-the-range product for an industrialist. Making a quality ball requires a high level of commitment, just like in a competitive team.
It’s time to embark on a new challenge by bringing this project to life.